The future of Star Wars: The Old Republic, no extension however the update 6.0 in the line of sight

Inside the midst of pessimistic rumors about its future, the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic unveils a part of its roadmap for the year 2018, like a redesign of conquest events and modifications in the retailer.

To inform players, the Star Wars development team The Old Republic is altering the notion of its roadmap, commonly published each and every 90 days. The official forum will now be privileged to communicate even though the old schedule is set aside. The content of updates 5.8 and 5.9 respectively scheduled for March and April has been presented, though the idea of an extension is moving away. Following the story from the traitor story concluded final year, the MMORPG will continue to expand – with multiplayer or solo activities – through typical updates. Just pointed out, the 6.0 update remains a benchmark for the course in the year.

Inside a shorter time, the update 5.8 set for March 13 will finalize the operation Gods born machines, nevertheless setting aside – for lack of time – the total master mode for each of the bosses from the operation . The conquest method will advantage from a redesign with new capabilities concerning the interface, each day objectives and missions. A merchant linked towards the conquest will also seem, providing a companion increase to improve its influence as much as level 50. This new reward is supposed to mobilize the troops. The operation with the shop might be reviewed following the comments from the players, to find out if it will likely be inside the ideal path. Next April, Update 5.9 will concentrate on the disputed locations, in particular in the footsteps of Valkorion to conclude its story.