Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.3 Tends to make The Bunny Suit Be Accessible for Male Characters

When a bunny girl outfits were released inside the game a lengthy time ago, A lot of individuals protested within the forums and on social media because they could not wear it on their male characters. This led the Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida promised that the Final Fantasy XIV boys could be capable to put on the bunny girl outfit and soon they’re going to be able to.

Following spending a extended time for you to delve into the the Final Fantasy XIV’s writing, at last male characters in Final Fantasy XIV can fulfill their secret bunny boy dreams, or superior, they’re going to soon adequate, as this will be implemented using the upcoming update 4.3.

Square Enix revealed the update. And as part of the announcement, they included a couple screenshots, and they may be undoubtedly very hot.

The most recent update of Final Fantasy XIV brought the Eureka area, which functions new rewards in addition to a substantial number of enemies to kill. Even though the new content was welcomed, it was criticized in some quarters for relying as well heavily on grinding.

In spite of this, since the Final Fantasy XIV has burst back on towards the scene, such criticism has been comparatively uncommon. In certain, the expansion of Storbllood, which launched final year, was quite well-received by fans and critics alike.

There’s no word but about the release date for Patch 4.3. It should come out when summer season arrives.

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